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    Finding the right professional video production for your needs can be a hectic task. If by chance you succeed in making the right content for your business, you now have to market and visualize your brand for the public. That is where K String Media comes in. Using our professional experience in the video production industry, we take your product or business and turn it into quick, consumable content. This allows you to focus on what you are good at, which in turn, lets us do what we are good at. Pushing brands further in any digital space. 
We have worked with over 20+ different businesses all over North America, creating content in professional video marketing, web design, graphic design and much more. With an eye for detail and a passion for professional video and creative media, every client wins. I look forward to using my talents to push your business to the next level.

Why Choose K String Media?

I started K String Media so I could take all my passions and creative outlooks and put it towards work I would always love. We can promise this isn’t just a job to us…It’s the reason we get up in the morning. Your success means our success. Everything we create is built upon the philosophy of nurturing creativity and pushing aside trends to make room for new ideas. 

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Our Services

Video Marketing

The digital space is FULL of videos, some bad and some great. Our goal is to help you stand out by creating unique content for your product or brand.

Web Design

It is more important than ever to have your own digital real estate in todays world. We can create a website that is modern, while still appealing to the features that set your business apart from the flock.

Graphic Design

From logos to brochures in print media, we strive to take your brand and give it a look and feel worth remembering. Need something with a bit more visual appeal? Combining our video production skills with graphics we'll make a motion graphic video to suit your needs.


Capturing a happy moment only takes a second and that is where we come in. Weddings, aerial drone shots, portraits, family sessions, products, real estate and even newborns.

Audio Production

From written commercials, to podcast interviews or special sound effects in video. We stop at nothing to bring quality to EVERY sound we produce for our clients.

Social Media Campaigns

Coming up with appropriate posts, pictures and a fitting descriptions that stand out from the rest can be tough in todays social media space. Why not leave it to us! We combine your great brand, products or services and we come up with edgy, eye catching strategic content.

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Web Design

Graphic design Work

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